Vaccine Passports are Relics of Our Colonialist Past

4 min readJul 29, 2021

On Sunday the 25th of July, the French parliament reached an agreement on requiring vaccination “passports” or proof of a negative test in order to visit certain confined spaces in the country. I would say I was resigned to accepting it, but I’m obviously writing this so “resigned” is definitely the wrong choice of words.

The choice faced by the French government is easy: incentivize good behavior so the free riders don’t drag the rest of us down.

Now, while a vaccination passport is an incredibly simple mechanism through which to avoid another lockdown, it sent a shiver down my spine all the way over here in Texas.

For a while now, we’ve been hearing about the COVID-19 vaccinations passports being a used by governments across the globe to ensure the free & safe movement of its citizenry as the world moves on from the acuteness of the pandemic.

At its first mention in a discussion of public of health, I immediately thought it was a good idea. That was, until I realized: “Oh… Right, we’re all colonizing racists…. Nevermind.”

I feel the vaccination passport is wrong for numerous reasons, but the mainest framework through which I disagree is **chef’s kiss** ever so idealistically me since I am myself vaccinated.

The Other Things First

As the first thing that I think is the most prescient, we don’t know how the vaccinations will withstand any COVID-19 variants. The global cabal of bioscientists have had to build the epidemiological plane while we’re trying to keep it from crashing, and despite the incredulity of the bulk of people out there, insight takes time.

Insight takes effort. And insight takes a little bit of luck. In our lifetime pursuit of more truths about the human condition is our frailty of modern loss of intellect. We collectively forget how difficult getting to these levels of modern comfort are for any single endeavor. Each new piece of modern magic that presents itself to us rests on the rigorous scientific struggle of many before us. And right now, we just don’t know if an “immunity passport” would even be factually correct.

The legal lens that glimmers over the issue is a more tacit way of learning into…




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