So, I will be turning 30 years old this January. In the truest of hipster forms, I’m indifferent to the label attached to the rotation of the Earth.

I’ve lived with people who have seemed to act too young for their age. I grew up in restaurants cavorting with mostly 20- & 30-year-old since the age of 9. Repeatedly, I’ve been socialized with a variety of people throughout my life. I’ve been dubbed an “old soul” numerous times by numerous people. I’m not sure what I’ve done to earn that descriptor since some people find me and my temperament to concurrently be “immature”. Such is life and its asymmetries, I suppose.

As a result, if I’m crossing some Rubicon I don’t believe inherently has any value, then how do I react? I’m not much for celebrating my birthday and am increasingly festering in curmudgeonry, then how should I celebrate something like this?

Hold myself a grand fête? Ask for others to do so?

I’ve decided I’d rather choose a different path, a road bejewelled with the sagacity of my people I’d like to have their wisdom documented.

What is the “30 Over 30” Series?

It will be a series of short essays where I ask the interviewees about they things they’ve learned in their long lives on this greened, water rock. Older people who have some perspective on what it’s like “after 30.”

Who will be included in this “30 Over 30" Series?

Basically, anyone who will talk to me about their life lessons. I have a long list of potential people I’d like to talk to. Going to see who will let me ask ’em questions.

How many people are you going to speak to?

30 people. 1 essay published per day.

What’s your end goal with “30 Over 30”?

This will basically be a meditation, focusing on wisdom someone might not have seen before-the-fact and seeing what they learned since turning 30. There’s no real goal other than re-connecting with the “adults” in my life and ask them about the shit they’ve gone through.

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I do things. Huge nerd otherwise. Interested in all types of media & creative-ish forms of expressions. Rawr!!

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